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Welcome to the Sparkling Spa!
Let us welcome you along with the well-known Cretan hospitality and offer you an extraordinary experience of comfort and rejuvenation which may meet your highest expectations. Our services and treatments are of the highest level and inspired from all over the world. The therapeutic massages are inspired from India, Thailand and Morocco, while the herbs and the oils are coming from Cretan Land, which will take you on a journey to satisfy all your senses. Choose the treatments that best suit you, with the help and pampering of our experienced staff. Relax and enjoy your visit at Sparkling Spa!

At the “Sparkling Spa” of “Porto Platanias Beach Resort” our inspiration emanates from Crete and its people , combined with the contemporary and traditional treatment techniques of the world.
The Spa will be the place where sensational impressions will be expressed by the materials, the light and the different advanced technologies used throughout the different areas.

Entering the Spa, the guests will experience a temperature change and a soft lighting for a relaxing session. In the main entrance hall the guest can decide if they want to enter the spa and get changed, stay in the public beauty area and use the hairs and nails facilities or get a cosmetic treatment in a closed cabin.

Afterwards, the spa guests will enter the main spa area, through the dressing rooms, in order to change not only their street wear into a comfortable bath robe but also their attitude. Prepared for the notion of well-being , they begin their journey at the public lounge area, where various services can be found, such as a consultation quarter, a bar with Cretan herbal tea and fruits, an indoor Hydrotonic pool, a relaxation area and a large communal wet area with a Turkish Hamam (Steam Room) , Sauna, footbaths (with hot and cold water for Kneipp Therapy), an ice cave and an “Experience Shower”. Light, Water, Movement and Reflections are the main features for the area around the pool.

Another alternative which the Spa offers, it is a private Spa inside the Spa Area. In this fully equipped 50 sq. m. room, a half or a full day’s ritual can be celebrated. A couple can get different massages, baths and may use a sauna or the experience shower, which offers various programs according different types of rain all over the world. From cold and drizzling rain of the Scottish coast to the warm and fruity monsoon rains in the tropics.

Apart from the social, public and mixed quarters of the Spa, there is also a professional therapeutically part, where single persons or couples will be able to get customized treatments. In the hydro-therapy section 3 cabins are equipped with a Hydro bath , a dry floating bed and a Vichy shower. Here seaweed treatments are performed, but also other mud and regional advanced products are applied.