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Cellular cosmetic expert since 1985, Valmont never stops innovating to preserve the beauty capital of women.For more than 25 years, the Valmont Group has been helping women and men master the visible signs of ageing. Heir to traditional Swiss medicine, the company draws from the unspoiled natural resources of Switzerland and the latest cellular cosmetic research findings to formulate utmost anti-ageing skin care products featuring visible and long-lasting efficacy. The group has surrounded itself with the best experts to create extraordinary product ranges, all subtly combining refinement and anti-age efficacy to enhance the beauty of women and men.

Super hydrating glow 35 min, by Valmont

Express facial which despite its short time, rejuvenates, moisturizes and nourishes your skin, leaving it with a perfect healthy glow.

Purity of the Alps (deep cleansing) 1 h 15 min,by Valmont

Deep cleansing treatment, using herbs from the Alp’s and water from the glaciers of Switzerland. Soothing and calming, bringing back the harmony of the hydro lipid membrane.

ICCT Lift 55 min, by Valmont

New sensational therapy thanks to real jellyfish collagen in combination with a lifting and firming massage. Strong pressures, pinching and smoothing motions. Your skin will regain its firmness while wrinkles and fine lines fade out.

Vitality of the Glaciers –collagen treatment 1 h 20 min, by Valmont

Treat yourself with a “biological lifting” and deep hydration facial treatment with spectacular results based onSwiss tradition and research in cellular rejuvenation. A patented pure collagen mask is applied along with a special facial massage technique, smoothing fine lines, restoring tone, glow and firmness.

After spending several years travelling the globe exploring the ancient beauty and wellness traditions of the world, Jean-Louis Poiroux provided a selection of the best Treatments, Massages and Cosmetic Products for the most prestigious International Spas : Monaco, Lausanne, Brussels, Mauritius, Seychelles, Morocco, …Since the opening of its first Spa in the heart of Paris, Cinq Mondes has been praised as the French pioneer and expert in Professional Spa Treatments and Skincare.”It’s already ten years since Cinq Mondes presented its selection of some of the best Beauty Rituals of the World® in its first spa in Paris. Our Treatments and Products are used today in more than 600 Spas and Beauty Salons all over the world.” Jean-Louis Poiroux

Japanese Bath 30 min

Experience a bath with the choice of aromatic essential oils suiting your mood in our hydro massage tub.Ritual Fleurs de Bali 45 min, by Cinq MondesClassical facial treatment based on tropical flowers traditionally used in Bali, for a deep cleansed and radiant skin in combination with a relaxing back and neck massage by Cinq Mondes.

Taoist Face-care & Massage 1 h, by Cinq Mondes

Complete face care ritual with a stress relieving acupressure massage inspired from China which aims to regulate and balance the energy flow. The products are based on Chinese medical herbs and with the addition of a special serum your skin will be perfectly moisturized and radiant.

Ayurveda Massage1 h, by Cinq Mondes

Based on the ancient Indian tradition of Ayurveda, this deep tissue hot oil massage will relieve muscle pains, relax and revitalize the body. Due to its special combination of slow and fast massage techniques this massage rebalances the body’s energy flow.


Balinese Massage 1 h, by Cinq Mondes

Inspired from Bali, Indonesia this relaxing massage is perfect for anyone suffering from stiffness and lack of energy. Deep with smooth moves in combination with gentle stretching techniques from the famous Thai massage makes it a unique experience.

Oriental Massage 1 h, by Cinq Mondes

Traditional massage techniques from North Africa with a relaxing slow rhythm that will relieve you from everyday stress, suitable for those seeking a relaxing moment.


Indian Relaxing Leg & Foot Massage 30 min, by Cinq Mondes

Draining, toning and circulation improving massage of the legs and feet, inspired from the traditions of Ayurveda. Performed with products based on Chinese medical herbs your legs and feet will feel lighter and ready for those long beach walks again.


Algoane is a range of products which are declined formulas professional work to extend and return home all the benefits of professional care.Products Algoane offer for your skin the best of the ocean, with care that combining relaxation, fitness and beauty.
Because seaweed draws its nourishment from all the riches of the ocean, it offers a concentration of all the beneficial properties of the marine environment.
When seaweed is incorporated into cosmetic formulae, it provides the skin with the mineral salts, vitamins and trace elements it needs to stay looking beautiful.A world where the Science of the Sea, Effectiveness and Well-Being all come together as one!

Revitalizing Bath 20 min

Based on fresh algae extracts, sea water and marine minerals this bath in combination with specific hydro massage will detoxify your skin and revitalize your body.Anti-cellulite Crystal treatment 1h 30 minWith the power from the sea, this scrub based on unrefined sea salt replenish and softens your skin thanks to Calendula oil, perfect before or after exposure to the sun. The wrap is based on algae and Eucalyptus which increases the cell metabolism through sweating. This treatment is highly detoxifying and will immediately minimize problems with cellulites.

Spicy Brazilian Ritual 1h 20 min

Body ritual starting with an aromatic spice scrub from the island of Java, Indonesia. Preparing the skin for the following detoxifying and firming body wrap with coffee, algae’s and mud.

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