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Useful Information

Sparkling Spa Policies:

  • All the areas within Spa are strictly NO SMOKING areas.
  • Mobile phones in the customer areas are not allowed please leave them switched off in your locker.
  • Please keep all conversations at low levels, consistent with a relaxing Spa environment.
  • The age limit for the use of spa facilities and fitness area is over 16 years old.
  • Pool towels can be found behind the reception and other areas within the Spa
  • Please leave all items of value in your locker. We are not responsible for loss or damage to a guest’s personal belongings.
  • Please always shower before using pool facilities. A robe & slippers should be worn in all common areas and SWIMWEAR IS COMPULSORY.
  • Please ensure you drink plenty of water to re-hydrate after use of ourtreatments and that alcohol and coffee consumption is kept to a minimum.
  • Food & drink should not be brought into the Spa area for consumption during your visit. Refreshments are available in the relaxation area
  • All guests will be required to complete and sign a medical questionnaire upon arrival prior to entrance to the facilities.
  • All facilities are subject to availability.
  • A towel should always be placed on sauna and steam-room benches between you and the bench.
  • Please do not leave toiletries in showers or wet areas.
  • Please do NOT add oils or other products to the sauna bucket water without first speaking to a member of staff.
  • Please place all used towels in the baskets provided.
  • Spa Tours are available only by appointment


When taking a treatment

  • Please arrive in time to enjoy the facilities and ensure that you are ready to be collected by your therapist at the appointed time. Time lost through late arrival will result in a shortened or cancelled treatment without refund.
  • Underwear or suitable swimwear should be worn into the treatment room and during treatments. For some treatments you will be provided with disposable undergarments by your therapist, and suitable towel draping will be used at all times.
  • During treatments, please let your therapist know if you are comfortable or uncomfortable, too warm or too cold, or if their pressure is too light or too firm. Your comfort and care is our greatest concern and priority.
  • If you have a particular injury or physical condition, please explain it to the therapist. They can suggest appropriate adjustments to the treatment for your comfort and enhancement.
  • For best results in the treatment and your own relaxation, we advise you to keep talking to a minimum level. Ofcource, if you have questions, our therapists will be happy to explain.


Contraindications for pregnant women

  • Treatments that require high temperature (steam room, sauna, whirlpool, experience shower, foot basis)
  • Body Treatments with exfoliation and masks
  • Use of seaweed or other products with detoxifying action
  • Use of equipment with electric power
  • Use of essential oils
  • Use of scented candles with a strong smell that may bring discomfort
  • Massage to ears
  • Detoxifier massage, lymphatic massage, reflexology, hot stones massage.
  • Using nail polish without the approval of the obstetrician


Fitness areas

  • Please place the hand towels provided between you and the fitness equipment and to wipe down after use.
  • Appropriate Fitness clothing is required at all times. Outdoor shoes should not be worn in any fitness areas.



In-house customers can pay cash, by credit card or they charge their treatments to their room’s account as long as they have not checked out.
The rest of the customers can pay cash or by credit card


Cancellation policy

In case of cancellation please inform us 4 hours prior to your appointment or one day before if your appointment is prior to 13:00 of the next day. If there is not such information you will be charged 50% of the total cost.
Credit card details may be required in order to confirm a booking.
In the interests of the comfort, safety and relaxation of all our guests we ask that the following guidelines are followed at all times.